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Honoring Martin Luther King

I was a teenager when he was assassinated, the day of his murder I was actually under the influence of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds -- totally wiped out. Listening to great Curtis Mayfield music, my father in law came downstairs to tell us of MLK's assasination and it was like a total nightmare kind of scenario. The man was a good man, the times were so totally different from these times, it was just such a horrendous act of violence upon a great preacher. For those of you who (are older!) YOW - the killing of Bobby Kennedy, and the killing of MLK, not to mention the (really older) persons who remember the killing of JFK...
Any way, I think we should all respect the dedication and good will of Martin Luther King today. He was a leader and he knew he might be killed and murdered. He was a visionary and his great leadership should be appreciated. Respect to him for sure! Maximum respect!
Happy Martin Luther King Day.

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Honoring Martin Luther King
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