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Snow Hill, Portland major ganja bust


The police believe they have dealt a major blow to the infamous drugs for gun trade with the seizure of approximately 4,000 kilograms of ganja valued at about $14 million yesterday.

The drug was recovered by the police at an abandoned guesthouse at Snow Hill in Portland.

Eighty jugs of motorised fuel measuring approximately 4,560 litres was also recovered by the team headed by Deputy Superintendent of Police, Wayne Cameron, shortly after noon.

DSP Cameron said the police think the guesthouse is a regular pick-up point for smugglers.

He said the police believe the ganja was transported to the location in trucks carrying sand.

DSP Cameron said the police have evidence the drug was to be loaded onto small fishing boats to be transferred to larger vessels and then transported to Haiti.

He further said investigations show that a portion of the drug was already removed by the drug runners, who he believes are carrying out their illicit operations along the North-East coast.

He said the police will be stepping up their operations along the coastal areas to further stem the illicit trade.

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Snow Hill, Portland major ganja bust
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