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~ beachcat ~ wrote:

'What really happened is they wiped out out a garrison that they were afraid of for
decades.................Unfortunately some made Negril their new hunting grounds..... look at the spread of
crime to Negril this year.....there were some really really bad people with the illustrious Mr
Coke............he may be a folklore hero in Tivoli but dem are violent as violent can get

The Red Stripes should shoot dem scum first and ask questions later IMHO.

It's put up or shut up time for the lawmen in Jamaica. '

This scares the hell out of me, shoot first, talk later. Seems that is exactly what they did during the massacre of innocent people during the war on Dudus in 2011. Guns blazing. Many outsiders had the belief that All the people of Tivoli were fair game and guilty, why else did they stay and not leave during the war? They must have all been criminal. Not!!! Many even in US are caught in the middle with no place to go, and even if they did have some place to go, by leaving they were considered to possibly be informers, and once tagged with this label no one in your yard or community wants any thing to do with you because at that point you have a target on your back.

Being thought to be an Informer in Jamaica is a Death sentence, so they stayed with thier families living in fear. A fear that for some came true. Just from that article it related the horrors these women, children and law abiding poor people with no place else to go endured. Prisoners in thier own home. A war zone.

Shoot first ask later is the persona of a scared person, who thinks he is God and the Law and he is brave as long as he has a gun in his hand. And that is a scary person to have walking around with a gun. Afraid of his own shadow.

Tourists are not the only factor to be considered as worthy of life in Jamaica, the people of Jamaica have the same fears for thier life and thier family as we do, possibly more, because they know lurking around the corner is some scared person with a gun, waiting to shoot first, talk later.

The talks don't seem to have happened in this case, people are still wondering where thier slaughtered family members are. What happened to the investigation into the allegations of the slaughter of innocents? No one seems to to give a damn..

All just my humble opinion and not directed at anyone. I lived through watching and worrying about friends and family members of friends in Kingston during this war and it makes me sick to my stomach to think of the stress of not knowing if we would ever see some of them again. Drive bys, hiding in your home under the bed while soldiers march through your neighborhood searching for a man who was long gone is not the solution to this problem.

Folk hero or not, depending who you talk to, the man had an effect on that corner of the country that he existed in. To some he was 'The President, to others he was a criminal, after talking to several regular people from Kingston, over a period of time, they had me reevaluating my opinion. Seems the soldiers did more damage than he ever could have.

I'll put it out there this also scares me on another level. I don't want to be a statistic because I am walking down the street minding my own business. That's one of the fears people like me have of living in America. I pray it does not come to that here.

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