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Awwhhhh - Oldtimer - Congratulations!!!


Jeannie - I love your family. I am a recovering crazy cat lady. My Great Aunt who lived in Edinburgh, Scotland, had something like 17 cats when she dies. If I had remained in one place, instead of moving all over the place I might have gone to the other side and become her.

I love seeing all of your pets - there are so many great pictures in this thread.

Tim - what a nice dog - I was always afraid of German Shepards until I had one. When I loved in Greece we had a German Sheppard named Oscar. What an incredible dog he was. He was the best babysitter ever. At the beach he would keep an eye on my daughter all day long. Even while he appeared to be napping , if he heard a unfamiliar splash, he would open his eyes and make sure she was safe. When she swam he would stay by her side or she would hold onto his tail and he would take her all around.

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