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it seems they have to keep the water supply going to all of the A/I places -- I've been far out west end many times when there is no water, it's a total drag. Middle of the night cold showers... just a trickle of water sometimes.
In a pinch, I will go to the Treehouse for their great all you can eat breakfast and use their outdoor showers. I sometimes stay on the ocean side at Ocean Edge and they have a great sprocket just inside the gate where there is great water pressure (when there is water) & can wash my too long hair there. I made sure to check with the primarily Jamaican residents there that this didn't offend them & they all said it was okay.
I'm wondering if the more higher priced places (like Rockhouse) have water for their guests? One time in the late 1980's even the beach area had NO WATER at all during the summer for a couple of weeks. I drove to Ochi to get out of the place (primarily to take a shower). I found a cheap place to stay near the pier where the sea cruise ships come in, a populated area in the day when my daughters and I checked in. When we returned from our dinner, the place was totally dark and vacated and there were vagrants going through all of the garbage. I was afraid that my rental car would be either stolen or have the tires/engine taken so went to talk to the security guard who was something like 90 years old and blind.
Some communities in Jamaica have had NO water for months and months. For those of you who are there in these times, get the largest, biggest jug of water you can get in Sav! If you spend some dollars on the beach, a lot of places have closed in showers with great water pressure. As long as you spend some money, they won't mind if you use their showers.
Even during the early 1970's when there would sometimes be a NO WATER in the west end situation, I was able to get a shower at the Lighthouse, compliments of Mr. Barrett, long since RIP. (This is Gladstone's father, David's father) that I am speaking of.

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